Saturday, 12 October 2013

It's Jacaranda Time!

My part of Nairobi, Upper Hill, has been very dirty, dusty and generally unpleasant since all the road construction started over a year ago. Various buildings are being constructed on the road that runs parallel to mine including, I’m told, a hotel and shopping mall. As well as building construction, this has led to road construction, although a year on, there seems to have been more of the de- rather than the con-struction! Most of the traffic going through Upper Hill has been coming along my road, including heavy lorries, breaking up the rather thin tarmac, and causing the air to be almost constantly filled with dust. And a good number of the other roads are now dirt rather than tarmac, having been dug up. However, at this time of the year, that is all overtaken by the beauty of all the jacaranda trees in bloom. Their lilac flowers seem to radiate light, and add a wonderful contrast to the blue sky and green vegetation around. Even when they fall, they create a beautiful lilac carpet on the ground.

I'm enjoying this beautiful addition to the neighbourhood while it lasts!

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